Looking east toward The Seven Devils in Idaho

Trump signs order creating task force on missing and murdered Native Americans- gets little or no credit from the left!

I am going to post this again with a very strong personal comment after reading some perplexing responses on Facebook. The executive order apparently includes missing/murdered men and women, but when one starts to look into the issue, it is predominantly women and girls who have been affected by this. 

EVERY missing or murdered woman/girl is a major problem!!!

She is someone’s mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, etc. From what I have learned investigations into missing/murdered tribal females are more complicated than investigations of non-native females due to different and multiple agencies being involved (or their lack of being willing to get involved).

Mount Joseph and Ruby Peak ©Angelika Ursula Dietrich

Looking east toward The Seven Devils from the Lower Alder Slope in Wallowa County, Oregon. ©2019 Angelika Ursula Dietrich