Chief Joseph Monument Dedication (2012)

During this time of uncertainty, I would like to offer my friends and followers to watch this video production from Joseph, Oregon (July 27, 2012), “The Chief Joseph Monument Dedication”. ~Angelika Ursula

Joseph, Oregon (July 27, 2012) — In front of more than one hundred people, Chief Joseph Monument Dedication turned into a spiritual experience. Young Chief Joseph has returned home, if not with his remains, but his spirit, Horace Axtel, Nimiipuu Elder said during the conclusion of the dedication.

Hinmut-too-yah-lat-kekeht aka Young Chief Joseph – Last of the big Chiefs

Originally published By Wild Horses in the annual Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Souvenir Program

RESPECT! Young Chief Joseph would have been 180 years old today, March 3, 2020. He is commemorated in dozens of ways. His likeness is everywhere, it seems, and his name is ubiquitous.
A town is named after him, as is a hotel, a rodeo, and a mountain. Thousands of faces and names have faded into the past, but his endures and will continue to endure as long as we honor the factual history and remember the suffering of Indians.